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Aggressive Skates

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Πατίνια USD SWAY PB II Aggressive Skates
Product Code: 19.710112
Footwear Size: 41

ΆΞΟΝΑΣ : Kizer level III ΕΣΩΤΕΡΙΚΟ ΜΠΟΤΑΣ (LINER) : MY FIT Fat Boy ΡΟΔΑΚΙΑ : UC Team 72χιλ./85Α Ρ..

Αυξομειούμενο Παιδικό Πατίνι GENESYS JUNIOR 2015 Aggressive Skates
Product Code: 23.11551

Extra thick liner padding Articulated ankle shape and heel support Professional buckle receiver A..

Boot USD CARBON  Aggressive Skates
Product Code: 19.710095
Footwear Size: 42

SHELL : Carbon, leather/nanoleather upper One piece tongue ..

Boot  XSJADO BEN SCHWAB  Aggressive Skates
Product Code: 19.730050
Footwear Size: 43

BOOT : Ben Schwab LACING : Buckle & Velcro Straps LINER : XSJADO Ben Schwab Footwap CUFF : XS..

Aggressive Inline Skates XSJADO DUSTIN WERBESKI'13  Aggressive Skates
Product Code: 19.730045
Footwear Size: 43 1/3

Dustin Werbeski has always been an incredibly talented blader, but it wasn't until he co-founded the..

Aggressive Inline Skates VALO VXS THEE. STRANGE Aggressive Skates
Product Code: 18.400787
Footwear Size: 41 44

BOOT : Mesh material for the shoe attachments/neoprene toe protection for more comfort FRAME : Valo..

Aggressive Inline Skates USD VII CLAN GREY'13  Aggressive Skates
Product Code: 19.700231
Footwear Size: 41 42 45

LINER : USD Diamond FRAME : Kizer Type M II BEARINGS : USD ABEC 5 WHEELS : USD Team 55mm/90Α ..

Aggressive Inline Skates USD REALM TEAM BLACK'13 Aggressive Skates
Product Code: 19.710012
Footwear Size: 39 41 42 43 44 47

FRAME : Kizer Clean UFS BEARINGS : ABEC 5 WHEELS : USD TEAM 57mm/89Α ΑΤΤΕΝΤΙΟΝ ! This skate is..

Aggressive Inline Skates USD CLASSIC THRONE 80'S  Aggressive Skates
Product Code: 19.700336
Footwear Size: 41

Without a doubt skate fashion is returning to bigger wheels. Bigger wheels for faster skating, lon..

Aggressive Inline Skates USD CARBON FRANKY MORALES Aggressive Skates
Product Code: 19.710096
Footwear Size: 42

SHELL : Basalt fiber with Carbonfiber and Kevlar New upper design New shocksole New reworked tong..

Aggressive Inline Skates USD AEON 60  Aggressive Skates
Product Code: 19.710100
Footwear Size: 42 43

SHELL/CUFF : Unibody construction LINER : MY FIT Skinny Boy CLOSURE : Laces - security buckle WHE..

Aggressive Inline Skates RAZORS SL 2  Aggressive Skates
Product Code: 23.11499
Footwear Size: 42

All white SL boot Replaceable soul frame with baseless design GC featherlite 3 frame JUG gel heel..

Aggressive Inline Skates OS.4 - Franky Morales  Aggressive Skates
Product Code: 23.OS.4-F.M
Footwear Size: 45 47

"Ninja" custom color scheme by Franky Morales Remz open shell concept Enhanced Remz OS liner Grou..

Aggressive Inline Skates NILS JANSONS'14  Aggressive Skates
Product Code: 23.11395
Footwear Size: 40 44

In recent years few if any have made such an impact on the sport as Nils Jansons has. As a kid he's ..

Aggressive Inline Skates HR 1.2 Aggressive Skates
Product Code: 23.HR 1.2
Footwear Size: 47

Original Remz freedom-of-feet skate concept New generation "True-Balance" Remz boot High Resilienc..

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