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Model: 055734
The new Montana Cans DIY Cap Set is not only ideal for covering surface area efficiently, it is also perfect for those projects where a seamless finish matters. The Set is a hang sell pack of six caps, featuring three Flat Jet- Medium spray caps and three Flat Jet- Wide spray caps. The Flat Jet spra..
Model: 055709
The Fat Cap gold/black is wide fat cap, for  average spray width from 20cm (7.87“)...
Model: 055708
The NEEDLE FINE LINER (Purple) is the little sibling of the original Needle Cap. Its average spray width is 2mm-10mm (0,08" to 0,39") making it a finer version..
Model: 055710
The Calligraphy Cap is a Effect Cap for a average spray width from ca. 1,5-8cm (0.5“ to 3“)...
Model: 055706
The Original Cap is a classic skinny cap with a average spray width of ca. 1,2cm (0,4”)...
Model: 055702
The New York Fat Cap is a wide outline cap with a average spray width from ca. 4 - 6cm (1,5” to 2,4”)...
Model: 055707
The Needle Cap is a effect cap for a average spray width from ca. 1 - 2,2 cm (0,39” to 0,86”)...
Model: 055703
The Level 3 Cap is a  soft skinny cap, for medium average spray width from 1 - 4cm (0.4“ to 1.6“)...
Model: 055704
The Level 2 Cap is  fine skinny cap, for a fine average spray width from 0.6 - 2.5cm (0.25“ to 1“)...
Model: 385049
The Montana TRYOUT Cap Set consists of 10 different nozzles that offer varying spray output from skinny to fat, square to round. The set is perfect for all round use and allows uses unlimited mark making.The Montana TRYOUT Cap Set is an all-round caps set that enables users to try a variety of caps ..
Model: 292910
The complete Level Cap system was developed by Montana Cans to compliment the exceptional characteristics of the low pressure, Montana GOLD. The Level Cap set includes: LEVEL 1 Cap (Ultra Skinny), Level 2 Cap (Fine Skinny Cap), Level 3 (Soft Skinny Cap), Level 4 (Soft Fat Cap), Level 5 (Wide Fat Cap..
Model: 032559
Standard for outlines. Very good for fadings...
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